Alstom H3H hybrid rail vehicle BR 1002

Hybridlokomotive BR 1002

Hybrid rail vehicle BR 1002

Alstom Lokomotiven Service GmbH in Stendal produces based on the  H3-Plattform rail vehicle with Diesel engines, Diesel- and electrical (Hybrid) or exclusively electrical motor driven machines.

The vehicle with its complex functions must be approved by the Federal Railway Authority. New commissioning permits (vehicle safety guideline – SiRF) require a transparent development and complete documentation / proof of the software in connection with the hardware for the complete vehicle.

InterEngineer GmbH supported the Alstom Safety Management in the following areas:

  • Management of core team in implementing processes required by new regulations
  • Methods development
  • Creation of technical safety reports
  • Keeping of hazard log
  • Creation of risk analysis
  • Evaluation of verification and validation
  • Cooperation with technical assessors
  • Cooperation with the Alstom management
  • Project planning
  • Creation of the safety certificate vehicle

Finally, InterEngineer GmbH developed the safety certificate for the complete vehicle in compliance with the normative specifications of EN 50129.

The following documents were used:

  • vehicle descriptions
  • risk analysis
  • hazard log
  • system security requirements
  • safety reports
  • list of SRACs
  • results from test and validation
  • RAMS-Informations

Furthermore, InterEngineer GmbH performed process analyses and optimisations that were necessary for fulfilling national and international requirements.

The project led to the approval of the Hybrid rail vehicle BR 1002

Methodology: moderation, mediation, V model, application of EN50126, EN50128, EN50129

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