Rail Safety Campus

Rail Safety Campus

Module 1

Module 1 for certification as Rail Safety Engineer

Principles of rail transport and basics of railway engineering

Module 1 is designed to introduce novices and newcomers to the topic of railway engineering and rail transport. This module teaches the basic principles of railway technology and provides reliable knowledge that later can be applied in practice. The basic principles of understanding loading gauge and track will later accompany you on a day to day basis. How a train behaves on the track, how brakes and their air system function interdependently and which rolling stock should be used – all these are vital considerations in connective rail transport planning.

RSC Modul 1

Principles of rail transport and basics of railway engineering

This training module conveys basic knowledge of the railway sector.


Basic railway principles
Loading gauge and track
Driving behaviour on the track
Running axle and bogie
Brakes and air supply
Rolling stock
Control technology

Designed for:
All novices and newcomers to rail transport


3 days


InterEngineer GmbH


EUR 1,600 (plus VAT)
EUR 1.904 (incl. 19% VAT)


24.02.2020 – 26.02.2020
31.08.2020 – 02.09.2020

And upon arrangement.

Optional when booking all modules
EUR 9,300 (plus VAT)
EUR 11.067(incl. 19% VAT)

You save EUR 2,900 compared to booking individual modules separately.

The Rail Safety Engineer certification is obtained by participating in all modules and passing the requisite examinations.

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