Meet the Standards

Meet the Standards (MtS) is a web application that enables multiple users to manage, process and save projects, project elements and all corresponding documents. It is based on safety compliance documents, which are saved in the form of sequential workflows. A workflow designer synchronises their workflow with the system.

The access rights of individual project participants can be individually configured with the help of an integrated user management. Moreover, reports can be generated and report templates can be designed without any great time or effort.

The application also has a multilingual user interface. MtS displays the project status automatically and offers a history that shows which users have made which changes.


The OPERA (Operations and Field Data System) web application was developed for the leading tram manufacturer. This system allows you to process and save information from operative business, vehicle fleets, vehicle series, even individual vehicles. Data is synchronised between the operator’s maintenance system and the database on a daily basis. This data can be used to generate graphical overviews of lifecycle costs and availabilities.

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