The InterEngineer expert team has been involved in many subject areas of the machine, railway and supplier industry. Our daily work is characterized by competent advice, practical process optimization and is always consistent with reliability, availability, maintainability and safety regulations.

Here are some selected reference projects from different projects.

FOGTEC firefighting system

Combinable system solutions for fire protection and firefighting from FOGTEC. Here we present a few selected reference projects from different areas.

Alstom CORADIATM Continental BR1440 XSU

For the Continental BR1440 XSU, we undertook the service contract for safety engineering in nine different areas.

Alstom CORADIATM Continental BR1440 S5S8

For the S5-S8 in Dortmund, we undertook the safety engineering in different areas, including ten subsystems of the train.

Alstom CORADIATM Continental BR1440 XBG

For this work contract project, we undertook the service contract for safety engineering and performed the management of core team.

Alstom CORADIATM LINT LNVG8 – Safety-Engineering

InterEngineer GmbH undertook the safety engineering for the preparation of technical safety reports about the LINT LNVG8 in the area of safety management.

Alstom CORADIATM iLINT Prototyp BR654

We undertook the safety management for a new vehicle with hydrogen / fuel cell drive with its complex functions of a modern environmentally friendly rail vehicle.

Alstom CORADIATM Continental BR1440 ENNO

With our complete documentation we were able to authoritatively accompany this project.

Alstom H3H hybrid rail vehicle BR 1002

We carried out the project in the area of safety management until approval for operation.

Alstom CORADIATM Continental BR1440 EMS

InterEngineer GmbH carried out the safety engineering, process analysis and process optimization.

Safety Compliance InterEngineer

Safety compliance

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Safety Engineering

Safety engineering

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Safety Management by InterEngineer

Safety management

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Funktionale Sicherheit InterEngineer

Functional safety

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Funktionaler Nachweis InterEngineer

Functional verification

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Consulting InterEngineer


We integrate the latest changes in your company into all relevant processes. More…

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