New partnership

In an increasingly globalized world of work, it is important to understand target markets. Local partners act as market enablers. SafeState and InterEngineer have a common understanding and look forward to the challenges of breaking new ground.

Alexander Milosavljević

Alexander Milosavljević

Alexander Milosavljević, CEO of InterEngineer says: “Important and sophisticated transport systems are being created worldwide. That is why it is so important to tackle such projects with reliable partners who have the same understanding of safety in terms of content.”

A.Levent Arslan

Ayhan Levent Arslan

Ayhan Levent Arslan, CEO of SafeState adds “We are sure that our partnership will be perceived positively on the market. Nobody shall have the aspiration to be able to do everything. But with InterEngineer, we have a strong partner who complements us.”

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