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InterEngineer GmbH is a safety compliance consultancy. Our interdisciplinary team of experts has many years’ experience in providing services to manufacturers that must comply with product and functionality safety standards in Europe and Germany in particular.

Our core specialisation is on safety management: we reconcile normative and company-specific requirements to actively steer product development cycles in an efficient and sustainable way. Our expertise extends to the introduction and implementation of methods and processes in accordance with a safety plan, as well as the creation of a safety plan in the first instance.

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Our team assists you in bringing your products in line with standards and improving your processes. More…

Safety Engineering

Safety Engineering

We take you through complex systems and our safety engineers are always at hand to help. More…

Safety Management by InterEngineer

Safety Management

Our safety management is always geared towards market requirements. More…

Safety Compliance InterEngineer

Safety Compliance

Our team helps you adapt your products to comply with standards and improve your processes. More…

Rail Safety Campus

Our Rail Safety Campus offers railway industry professionals a platform for discourse about safety-relevant topics. Moreover, the Rail Safety Engineer training programme teaches the necessary specialist knowledge of rail standards for functional safety. This modular training programme combines the theoretical principles of standard contents, methods and technologies with application examples from real practice. The training modules can be booked individually or as a complete package.

Individual campus modules

Rail Safety Campus certification

Certification as
Rail Safety Engineer
in accordance with
IEC 61508 | EN 50129 | EN 50128

Fachhochschule Aachen

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TÜV Nord


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